Welcome to an author’s site on the sorcery.

I have been providing services in the field of magic and witchcraft in Russia for about 15 years.

I have been working with European residents for about 7 years.

To learn more about me and my activities, visit my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZbPAenpds-LXhF3gTt9mMw/about

There you can learn more about me and my activities.

You can contact me for the following questions:

  • Psychology consultation. I have been working with people for many years. I understand the principles of building relationships well. When I review the situation, I always comment on the components of the problem and its root — from the point of view of psychology, giving practical advice for self-use. This helps to resolve the external problems of the situation and accelerate the onset of the result of magical work. Whether it’s a relationship between people or not the right attitude to the business sphere.
  • Diagnostics of events of the present, past and future, using predictive systems. I can view almost any area of a person’s life:
  • Relationships between people. Is it possible to trust a person what he thinks about you, what feelings he feels, what he plans to do? What happens in a person’s life. What are his true intentions towards you. Is there another love in his life and describe the approximate appearance of another actor in a love relationship. I can say with a sufficiently high (but not absolute) accuracy whether a meeting with a loved one will take place in the time period specified by you. Prospects for dating and the beginning of a love relationship in a designated period of time. Prospects for the development of a relationship with a loved one. Prospects for the development of a relationship with a friend, sometimes it is necessary to find out whether friendship will grow into a love affair, in a certain period of time. And much more.
  • Business, work, career. The place to choose for work,If you have to make a choice between several employers and it is difficult to decide. Which job is most suitable for you. Prospects in work or in business at the designated time. The development of relationships with colleagues at work, their attitude towards you, their help or interference in a designated period of time. Is it worth starting a business in any area, the prospects for its development, both in general and in particular (depending on the client’s task).Analysis of relations with superiors, colleagues, business partners, competitors, for existing relationships, their development, depending on the actions you plan. And much more.
  • Health, well-being, the course of the disease, recovery. I am not engaged in the treatment of diseases, however, I can predict and view this area. View the general state of health, identify both hidden and known problem areas in the human body. The course of the disease, the timing of improvement of well-being and recovery. Causes of the disease. Ways to balance your life to change your overall well-being for the better. And much more.
  • Self-realization. Personality. Esoteric experience. The way to yourself. I know a considerable number of layouts that can help you understand your strengths, weaknesses, hidden talents, and purpose in this world. To determine the presence of hidden occult abilities, I will tell you the direction in which they should be developed and the ways to which they should be in your particular case.
  • General layouts for the future. On the situation. On the prospects. I will help you understand complex and confusing situations. To clarify the problems and find a way out.

In addition to diagnosing existing problems, you can contact me for a practical solution.

I can provide powerful and effective assistance in the love sphere:

  • Help to resume a relationship with a loved one that has stopped. If necessary, then conduct a comprehensive impact. It is important to adequately assess the main difficulties of your situation, an approximate possible result will be formed from this.
  • To help you start a relationship with the person you need, provided that you know each other personally, communicate regularly or have the opportunity to do so, your relationship is neutral. The person you need is not in a relationship or you know his partner. In the second case, you must first weaken or completely negate his relationship with a partner, then, perform a spell on the person you need. Without interfering in his existing relationship, you will not be able to achieve what you want. The effect of the love spell will not be potent due to the fact that he has another person in his heart.
  • To nullify the relationship of your loved one with another person. If your husband/wife is dating another person, you are aware of this, then I can help to make these meetings become less frequent, and then completely stop. I can bring lovers apart with witchcraft.

Assistance in business or work of varying complexity:

  • Acceleration of business processes. Customers begin to accept your offers about your offer for a long time, enter into a deal, make a payment. Transactions stop being disrupted, sales volume increases and the speed of making positive decisions increases.
  • Attracting new customers. It’s a difficult job. Magic and witchcraft work along the path of least resistance and prefer to give money through existing sources. Nevertheless, it is possible to get new connections, expand.
  • Deterioration of your competitor’s business, termination of the competitor’s business. The strength of the result, the speed of the result, depends on the scope of a person’s activity and the funds that he has at his disposal in principle. It is difficult to make a rich person poor quickly, and it is possible to make a wealthy person poor.
  • Work on specific projects. Influence on the right people, in order to obtain the necessary actions from them.
    This is important in large projects where there is a prospect of getting a very high profit, however, for various reasons, the situation is developing very slowly or some person (group of persons) is slowing down or, in principle, hindering progress towards the goal.

And other ( discussed individually )

Do not contact me and waste time if:

  • You need to resume relations between same-sex people.
  • You want to win the case or get a refund.
  • You want to see a free demonstration of my capabilities.

If something confuses you to order work in full, you can apply for diagnostics in the context of this problem, understand it, find out the forecast for the future. Judging by the results of the development of events and my vision of the current state of affairs is to judge my professionalism. During my practice, I have accumulated a huge number of photo reports on the work done for different people, in different years, which I can provide to anyone. Naturally, the names and faces of people will be hidden. I keep it confidential. This is just a small demonstration of my relevance and long-term work in this field, nothing more.

  • Cure diseases. I don’t treat diseases.
  • Win at the casino, lottery, bookmaker bets.

Such appeals are likely to be ignored by me.

For communication

Phone number: +7 985 273 44 47

Working email: tas-han@mail.ru

I do not use messengers to send messages in my work.

The site has a large number of sections in which you can find detailed articles on the topic of the most common appeals. It provides detailed descriptions of the types of intervention in existing circumstances and possible results in the work, taking into account the general specifics and trend of the situation. In one of the sections of the site there is a link to my Russian-language site. It presents a huge number of articles related to the occult and witchcraft in general, written by me at different times. I recommend reading them if there is an increased interest in this subject, and not just a desire to order a magical work.