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Considerable value should be given to the dreams. Subconsciousness of the person in the period of a dream is in an astral and images which he sees, accepted to be called as dreams, are preventions, councils, future pictures, both direct, and indirect, and also life and environment display in which there is a snovidets. Dreams need to be able to be treated correctly. It isn't necessary to pay attention to only one dream books where the treatment of the same dream is often various and consequently enters into even bigger delusion. Whether first of all it is necessary to define dreams this lunar day come true, independently there are prophetic dreams, to them it is necessary belongs with special attention. If this day dreams come true it is necessary to look about what in this day of the week tell dreams (to every day there corresponds a planet) often and to place on it emphasis. It is necessary to consider set of details of a dream, instead of one - two details, from this develop a picture of events.