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Announcements, in which the person positioning as the teacher of magic, looks for the pupil much. Teachers of magic almost there are more than pupils who look for the instructor on various forums, sites, bulletin boards on the Internet and to newspaper announcements. As the reasonable reader correctly understands, the real instructors there actually aren't present. In 99% of cases such training of magic - the fiction which purpose is receiving money, the statement of feeling of own importance and the importance in this world (quite often such training of magic is free), and also satisfaction of sexual requirements (quite often the master of magic looks for only schoolgirls, probably you guess why). Absence of knowledge generates imaginations in which there are pupils, many of which, really seek to seize basis of knowledge and to learn what habitually to call Knowledge from capital letter.

There is a question why to find the real teacher of magic so difficult?

Answers to it are given below.

1 . Greed. Many occultists don't hurry to share the knowledge even for essential sums of money and even for the acquaintances. It is possible to receive something from them only by an exchange for equivalent knowledge.

2  .  Unwillingness.  Many consider that money doesn't cost efforts by means of which they received knowledge.  Many consider that it is necessary to train only those to whom has to entrust knowledge (they wait for a sign), instead of all wishing.

3 . Employment. Many occultists are occupied with affairs and have no rather free time.

4 . Egoism. Only I and to anybody have more. Don't hope to receive something from such people. You in vain will waste time.

These are the main reasons, actually them much more.

The reasons for which the real expert will train - to consider aren't present sense, and it is better to find out from it directly.

Whether you train magics?


How to distinguish the real magician (sorcerer) from the charlatan?

To ask it to state a course in brief. To pay attention as many disciplines are occupied by real activity and as there is a lot of - usual chatter and profanation which has under itself no actions and with anything it can't be confirmed. You can be engaged in spiritual growth, the instructor on such way of idleness isn't necessary.

In that does the real master of magic have to train?

I provide the short list which is the basic below and can partially change.

1 . To name all forces (Highest) which work in this world. To explain who and for what answers, in what questions can be useful, when and as to address to them. According to traditions or personal aspiration the pupil has to pass the dedication finding of force becomes which purpose, abilities (hypnosis, clairvoyance, a piromantiya, telepathy and other, depending on the patron) and assistance of the one whom he preferred as the patron or that who is a patron in this or that tradition (branch). To explain as it is correct to feel, whether will work made or not how to conduct conversation with spirits and why.To explain who from spirits best of all predicts future and many other.

2 . To explain the principle by which the majority of occult actions (ceremonies is under construction, rituals and so forth - the name depends on tradition) in order that the pupil could make the personal ceremonies which are convenient to him and many other things.

3 . To explain the principle of work with force places, their role, importance, and also ways of the correct interaction with them and many other things.

4 . Days of force in which it is necessary to bring gifts by with whom the pupil cooperates most closely as to do it, why and many other things.

5 . To transfer rituals which are operating and some insignificant secrets and many other things.

Note: many other things * mean by itself the details caused by skills of the instructor, his personal perception and knowledge which he owns.