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In this section I will consider love spell action in various situations which I happened to undertake.  I believe that many will find similarity to the and will understand on what it is necessary to count, in case of the address to me or to any other expert who will execute your order standard methods.  Standard methods mean implementation of a number of love spells which become by the well-known principles, information on the Internet about it has enough and I won't deviate article essence, arguing that hasn't a direct bearing on a subject on which I want to shed light.  Below I provide the most widespread addresses and result on which it is possible to count.

 I want to return the guy by means of a love spell, the relations were serious, we long time met, recently quarreled and it left from me, I precisely know, what it has to me the strong feelings, too most friends speak to me, on what result I should count at the address to you?

Renewal of the relations with the person.

 I want to return the wife by means of magic, we lived long time in marriage, however, quarreled and it now left to another, it has to me feelings and she strongly worries because of it, what result will be in my question?

 Most likely several love spells will be enough that your relations were renewed.  In certain cases it is required to make a top to worsen its relations with the present partner.

I meet the young man, he has one more girl whom it concerns much better, than to me and gives her expensive gifts, and to me isn't present.  Whether it is possible to make a love spell that the attitude towards me became much better and consequently also return from the relations with it was higher?

Yes, if there are at least minimum feelings.

I want that after the made love spell the man married me, such it is possible? I know, what there is a love spell "black wedding" on which means, it is possible to force the person to a wedding?

These are fairy tales and legends.  If the person to you has feelings, it is possible to achieve strong result which so like to characterize as "runs a doggie for me" and if you correctly use the created situation, the wedding is quite possible.

I communicate with the man, we are friends, he tests to me sympathy, but for a number of reasons doesn't go on rapprochement, whether it is possible to help me?

In principle yes. Actually, not in all cases, it is possible to achieve positive result. The great value has your behavior, as well as its feelings (relation) to you.

The person lives in other country, he is happy with a family, about me he forgot, whether it is possible to make on it a love spell that it returned to me?

If communication isn't present for a long time, as well as personal meetings - a maximum, on what it is possible to count is a renewal of communication, at the correct behavior of the customer and big efforts in performance of love spells is costs much. As a rule, I don't take such orders, they are difficult.

 The person lives in other country, he has to me feelings, whether it is possible to return him?

If feelings which he has to you can be characterized, as love and hatred at the same time, not the fact. In principle, if communication is also meetings also, possibly to achieve tolerable result by means of a love spell on such distance. If communication is, and meetings weren't already long ago, the good result is improbable. If there is neither communication, nor personal meetings, I won't be able to help with your question in any way.

I need to make a love spell and to return the husband who absolutely cooled down to me and left to other woman, we see each other seldom, what result will be in my situation?

In the presence of a connecting factor (children, common causes, need for the customer) it is possible to improve relationship between you and the man. Most likely the top from the woman with whom it consists in the relations is required. Not all such orders can be brought to full permission.

I want to make a love spell on the man who began to hate me and left from me, on what result it is possible to count?

Hatred a strong blocking factor.  Don't wait from it for fast return.  In many cases, it isn't possible to resolve such situations.  Most likely, the object of a love spell will start feeling need for the customer and to go on contact with the purpose of obtaining any benefit.  Feelings if they aren't present - won't appear also hatred if smoothes out, will periodically come to a surface.

I want to return the relations, the object of a love spell doesn't communicate for a long time with me (more than 5 months), most likely, at it already is the relations with someone, he hates me, you can help me, it is good still to pay for result, and that already so much money was for nothing paid?

 I won't respond to such letter. When suggest to pay any sum an advance payment, I often refuse, it isn't difficult to guess why.

I want to order a love spell on the girl with whom I communicate with the help of the Internet and I am not familiar personally, whether probably the such? I want to carry out a love spell on the girl whom saw personally 1-2 times, found her in the Internet, but she doesn't communicate at all with me, whether the result is possible?

It isn't serious.  Communication and personal meetings is necessary.  At an absolute indifference, absence of feelings and existence of other relations - the result positive is close to zero.

Above the main situations on which the majority of addresses is made, exceptional cases, and also the description of nuances and the subsequent analysis them separately I are given didn't begin to bring. Each situation is individual. Detailed information on your question can be received at diagnostics.