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The talisman bought in shop won't be effective. The properties, attributed to it, won't be valid concerning you. Manufacturers of talismans don't consider any features of the carrier, use low-quality materials, don't know properties of goods which provide, often attributing it nonexistent properties. It should be noted also that more than one function won't carry out such subject in principle. I think everyone noticed, long descriptions are how similar and properties of the majority of products sold in esoteric shops, as well as poor quality of those are equally positive. Some words about properties of these products will be stated below.

The love talisman will draw attention of an opposite sex and to have fruitful impact on the carrier in this sphere, whether it be the relations or aspiration to creation of those.

The amulet on good luck will promote success in not same affairs and undertakings.

These two types are the most demanded. There is a big set various оберегов from misfortunes and troubles, however, it is necessary to place correctly priorities and to choose the most suitable. Metal on which the amulet will surely have to be executed "color", not necessarily precious or semiprecious, but it is desirable. The drawing which has been executed on is mute has to characterize force and to be its signature. The sorcerer satisfied conditions and allocated a talisman with properties is will allow to change destiny. At the order of a talisman needs to specify a set of nuances how the expert is going "to load" a product, what force it it will be devoted, what is the time the talisman will work also many other things. All this is necessary for check of the expert on professional suitability. The talisman of the sun has to be executed in a season which corresponds to the Highest light of this planet. At this time it is possible to show it most strongly. Day and time have to correspond to a planet. The performer has to reveal costs of resources of production of that and to call cost. The price of such talisman will be high, metal - gold is obligatory. Whether its influence will be strong? - Depends on your affairs. Light don't help with "dark affairs" and to deception won't promote also. The expert can ask stability for addressing and growth of successes, in this case it will play a cunning trick, it is possible because to do and without a talisman. If affairs go uphill, and the talisman in any way isn't felt, the performer means carried out the task, but differently.

Main types and the types of the talismans which haven't been considered above:

talisman from accident

talisman on age

amulet on disclosure of mental forces

amulet on beauty

talisman on bravery

talisman on eloquence

amulet on a marriage

talisman on wealth

and many others