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Recently many began to address concerning a call of the demon for the purpose of achievement of a definite purpose. Sometimes this purpose is primitive and is reduced to receiving wealth from any spirit, sometimes as the purpose receiving unique gift or desire of continuous cooperation with one of demons (the so-called service based on mutually beneficial cooperation and consequently implementations of a set are more whole on means of the demon) serves. The last treatment is incorrect in view of lack of any truthful idea of intentions of demons and their role in universe way as a whole, and also their attitudes towards the person in particular. Follows laconic answers to the most widespread questions below.

Whether is the demonic love spell the strongest?

Yes, when it is executed on means of spirit, whose rank the king on extent of influence on a planet Earth and opportunities here respectively. The usual love spells executed for once, allow to force to get into gear demons of very low ranks, however, and their work bears result.

How it is correct to cause and hear demons?

 It is necessary to create all conditions accepted for spirit which is necessary for you.

About what conditions there is a speech?

The number of the people united by one purpose has the greatest value. Important also the place which most corresponds to spirit (it is desirable that it was the environment of its continuous presence), time has to be considered, a name, a material of which signatures, smells which are attracting, gifts and other are made.

I read the Internet, caused spirit, even the victim to it brought, and it so and didn't execute anything, why?

 Because he doesn't consider itself(himself) obliged to someone and something, despite the received payment. It needs to be forced.

Whether the demon rich and successful, how quickly can make?

 If pertinently to call it the help, yes. Term minimum - half a year.

I very much like demon Asmodey how me to start cooperating with him on a constant basis?

It will be prepared. To give the gift accepted of. To sign the contract. To eulogize. To pass tests. To render all assistance to achievement of its purposes. To bring gifts regardless of, whether its assistance in this interval of life is required or not. To find its gifts.

How you can help me with the questions connected with rituals of a call of demons?

- To force the demon with whom you signed the contract but which didn't execute anything (that isn't surprising) to satisfy your requirement.

- To force the demon to grant your desire. The result will surpass respectively standard methods of intervention in a situation, whether it be damage, a love spell, a top or enrichment and term of expectation of result will be less.

- For a high payment to explain to you as it is correct to conclude agreements with demons, messages with them conversation, to force to execute, achieve seen manifestations, to prepare tools and a place for evokation implementation.