Love magic

How will quickly work the love spell made by you and I will see, what the situation exchanged?

Average term: one and a half — two months. Term which is required for permission of your situation, I will be able to tell only after diagnostics.

First of all the practical result will affect you, in the form of a period of failures, deterioration of a state of health, small disorders. Long it won’t be, however, life will impair a little, from where the such undertakes — read below the page.

In the majority cases, right after the beginning of «a black strip» at the customer the object starts proving. In certain cases the object proves at the same moment as the period of failures at the person, in rare instances on the termination that begins.

In only a few (single) cases on my memory the customer didn’t bear the punishment stated above. Probably, its actions (the love spell order) were pleasing to someone from above and were part of its terrestrial way.

I know, what a guarantee nobody can give 100%, whether I should address in general to various experts, probably, anybody isn’t able to resolve my situation?
If a specialist has taken money from you, it is money to solve your situation or to direct it in your favor. Lack of guarantees for 100% result is an opening for those who isn’t able to render the declared services in no shape or form in general. The sorcerer can guarantee 100% practical result and, probably, the full permission of your problem if received high lifting, is self-assured and has experience of the solution of similar situations. If the sorcerer doesn’t want to undertake your problem he simply to you will refuse or calls the greatest possible result which often doesn’t suit the customer a priori.

In what distinction between one love spell and integral permission of a situation consists?

The majority of orders where the only binding is the photo, requires serious intervention which consists of a package of measures which the performer has to execute, strictly observing temporary intervals. The package of measures is meant as some made love spells. The photo is of no use to the performer therefore quality is compensated by quantity. The situation can be solved and on means of one love spell according to the photo if isn’t difficult, such meets seldom.

You too expensive have services.

Most likely, you never addressed earlier for similar services. My prices are much lower than averages across Moscow and the received money is fulfilled. In the section the price of the help the matter is taken partially up. Concerning a love spell with payment by result — are right, however, such service has to cost expensively, differently loses any relevance.

I am afraid to pay high lifting, I was deceived already by swindlers.

For this purpose exists I undressed a love spell with payment after delivery, and also opportunity to order a single love spell for receiving practical result and the subsequent payment of full permission of a problem, according to the price.

The strong love spell is necessary to me, I have only a photo.

8 of 10 customers address with a similar request. One love spell according to the photo will yield practical result, but strong it won’t be, complex intervention can yield rather strong and resistant result.

I addressed to you for a love spell and noticed, what my health worsened, and affairs in the professional sphere went down, health of object of a love spell also leaves much to be desired with what it is connected?

With that you bear punishment in view of the fact that the love spell doesn’t fit into a framework of the laws established by a universe. Contrary to judgments, punishment comes here and now, instead of after death and is equivalent to deeds degree.

The object of a love spell tests that will induce it to build the relations with you or to renew them. Obsession with material benefits generates crash in its affairs, etc. Its health spoils, in view of subconscious resilience to intervention and current of energiya in his body results not correctly. It can not be.

You can make so that I didn’t incur punishment for deeds?

In principle yes, however, it is additional service and in view of the general tendencies in the sphere of rendering occult services in general, is applied extremely seldom.

To me suggest to make a love love spell / a white love spell/love spell without a sin and B’day, promising thus total absence of consequences for me, and you speak to me here about punishment, I will better address to other expert, I don’t want to suffer.

The love spell is first of all damage. There are no love love spells, love spells without a sin, white love spells. The expert who promises you given, most likely, won’t execute anything as I am not familiar with any practical results in the matter. Learn in my words by the experience if doubts are. All love spells have the same structure and the same principle of action. Extent of influence, quality of a love spell, its duration of stay on object can differ.

The white magician is able to harmonize the relations of the person provided that both persons love each other and both wish to be together. Units which have direct link with light forces can make it and conduct with them frequent communication. However, a love spell, it can’t be in any way called and can be feasible in the extremely exceptional cases.

Whether the person, after the love spell made by you if has the love relations with someone at present will return to me?

After one love spell — hardly. However, his behavior concerning you will change and you will notice that the performer performed the work. It becomes noticeable, both concerning itself, and concerning object of a love spell.

I somewhere read, what rural sorcerers and witches solved a problem of the customer on means of the unique love spell, why so?

They are able to observe the principle of the temple. The person who has grown up an animal, used as a gift to forces, receives result much stronger, than the one who got this animal and carried out at once the order, without spending thus time for cultivation of this animal on stages. It is important and has to understand everything, as to experts who honestly render services, and to consumers of these services.

For this reason, many sorcerers and witches from villages part in a large number of hens, roosters, etc.

What it is necessary to make to return to me the husband who is at present with another?

In certain cases there are enough several love spells, in the majority cases work is performed in a complex. Top from the woman, with the subsequent love spell to the customer, or a love spell of the man to the customer and damage of the woman on loneliness that the gap between object of a love spell and its new passion, at the initiative of the last followed. After that the problem will be solved.

I want to receive a love spell for the rest of life.

Such doesn’t happen is a trap. The maximum period of validity of a love spell — 3 years. Minimum validity period half a year. The majority of orders goes on a temporary interval equal to year.

I am ready to pay any money, I want to receive very strong result and extremely quickly.

The result will impress you, term can be reduced by an insignificant period.

What about the fact that this kind of intervention can cause a person to have inappropriate behavior, craving for alcohol, mental disorders? Somewhere they write that this happens. They say this is a consequence of what has been done.

I have seen a lot and I can say in advance what result can be achieved in the problem, just by listening to a person, talking to him personally. Without making any effort to diagnose the problem, identify the main points and consider the prospects. When the person who addresses me speaks in a negative light about the person he wants to enchant, almost always the result will not be the best sense. Talking about the fact that the person he needs is useless, incompetent, lazy, passive, and so on — very vividly characterize the situation inside the relationship. The person on whom love sorcery is applied is in an aggressive environment. He was constantly experiencing discomfort. By ending this relationship, he wants to reach a new level. Why am I talking about existing relationships? — Because in 90% of cases, this will be exactly where there is already a strong allergy to my client. As a result, the spell made makes a person reach out to the customer again, however, all the negative emotions that he feels towards him only intensify. This leads to the fact that the next stage of clarifying the relationship begins. Communication is resumed. Sometimes they can move in together and live again. The person who asked me for a second chance in their relationship did not draw any conclusions from the previous situation. He has not changed anything in himself, in his behavior. His partner, of course, wonders what made him be with this person again, strongly opposes it. From here, he begins to have problems with health, alcohol, psyche, in everyday life he becomes complicated. The seeker for help should be aware that before using the repeated opportunity to start something anew, one should draw conclusions from one’s own mistakes, tune in to a different development of interpersonal relations in the future. It is the creation of a different environment, an atmosphere in a relationship, that can help avoid such unpleasant moments. I have other tasks, I will give advice and recommendations only in the context of achieving a certain result, for which they actually turn to me. The rest does not concern me by and large. And teaching an adult simple and understandable things even to a schoolboy is beyond my competence.

For what reasons can the impact not give a result at all?

Often, these are quite objective reasons. The main ones are: — lack of habit, that is, there was no relationship, or they ended a long time ago and the person stopped being dependent on the partner. As a result, there is a complete lack of communication, meetings, the inability to track the effect of the spell, the absence of common acquaintances and any other ways to track the influence, except by events in the life of the applicant, or by the reaction of the object to the impact — he will call, write, and so on. A typical example is a situation in which the relationship ended two years ago or did not even have time to begin at all. A person still wants something, hopes for something, however, there can be no guarantees here. Memories may arise, it is likely that a person will begin to dream, but all this, due to circumstances, will hardly push to make contact, because too much time has passed. Nostalgic memories, nothing more. — the applicant, in principle, is «not friends » with his head. This type of customers can be quite socialized, they can communicate adequately, not stand out in any way. When cooperation begins, they do everything to prevent their plan from being realized. They do not consider it necessary to keep me informed of the relationship, they constantly throw tantrums to everyone, they are capricious. As a result, of course, I am to blame. Only a psychiatrist can try to help them, but it is doubtful that he will achieve significant results. Magic is useless here.

  • there was no relationship at all, there was not even a personal acquaintance.

The usual situation. People communicate on the Internet, someone has fallen in love with someone, wants witchcraft to push his supposed soulmate and subsequently their personal acquaintance took place, which would smoothly flow into a relationship. There have been cases when this has been successfully implemented in practice. But by and large, no guarantees can be given here. Fans of movie and pop stars barely (at best) familiar with their idol are trying to impose themselves and are turning. Naive. Considering how much the object of their adoration has to do, contacts with other people, competitors on the love front. The result is minimal or not at all.

General information, theoretical sense, to understand the essence of the subject. In this opus, which is addressed primarily to numerous people who want love spells, I will try to explain in an accessible form the methodology and internal mechanism of those phenomena that are present in the sphere of so-called love magic. But first you need to say a few words about the structure of the human body. From the textbooks of anatomy, we know how the physical body is arranged, its structure has been studied in detail during the research of modern specialists and scientists of the past. However, this is only a small part of the iceberg called Man. In reality, the physical shell is only one of the projections of the immortal principle, which in modern occultism is called the mental body, directly connected with the mental – the information plane of the universe, its basis. All other planes: astral, etheric and physical are only his projections in space with a smaller dimension.

Thus, the body we see is nothing but the result of the projection of the higher Self into the three-dimensional reality of the material world, and nothing more. It is extremely important not to associate yourself with what is essentially just a garment of the Spirit – with your visible shell. In the course of personal evolution, a person repeatedly reincarnates, dies and comes to Earth again, only his mental body, which is the primary consciousness, remains indestructible. All love-making actions belong to the area of the astral (the world of emotions) and the subconscious mind associated with it.

In the subtle human body there are many centers called chakras (Skt. «wheel»), providing energy exchange with the environment, which is vital for the normal functioning of the body. There are seven main chakras, they are located along the spinal column and each has its own strictly defined functions.

By influencing a person’s astral, you can achieve various kinds of effects, which is what love magic actually boils down to.

And now let’s move on to a specific phenomenon and describe it in more detail.

Let ‘s give a definition:

A love spell is a common name for a set of magical techniques aimed at evoking certain emotions and feelings in the desired person.

These actions are divided both by methods of execution and by the power of influence.

Almost all love spells are a crude form of influence and are reduced to the closure of the energy channels of the «object» with the simultaneous investment of an information component – a program for a certain behavior or desired emotions. Depending on which energy center is affected, the action also manifests itself in different ways:

  • the influence on the anahata chakra (the heart center of the subtle body) causes emotions of tenderness, attraction, love;
  • influence on svadhisthana (sexual center) will lead to the emergence of sexual attraction;
  • ajna programming («third eye») will result in obsessive thoughts and a desire to be close to the one to whom they charm. Etc..

The influence can be moderate or strong (in another way it is called «zombification»). With a moderate love spell, the will of a person is not suppressed, he has a choice with whom to be with. Thus, if you have not seen a person for a long time, do not communicate with him or he loves another — an ordinary love spell is far from a guarantee that the object of your love will immediately come running to you. A person will think many more times, because there were rational reasons before that he left (if we consider the case of a relationship in the past). Do not forget: in addition to feelings, he has a mind, an objective assessment of the situation.

A completely different picture arises with a powerful magical influence, when the love spell program is implemented, making almost irreversible changes in the work of the energy body. Influence is likened to a virus, which, once in the body, arranges a kind of «war» and either the will of a person or the power of influence will win. The first case happens rarely and often the victim of such a spell turns into a kind of zombie (hence the name) — a person simply cannot live without a charm, the will is completely broken. In particularly severe cases, this condition is similar to the condition of a slave, and believe me, it does not look too beautiful. A person ceases to be social, is not able to adequately solve everyday problems and the quality of his life is sharply significantly reduced. This is done mainly out of revenge.

Does a strong spell always lead to suppression of the will?

In most cases, although not always, it depends on whether the centers responsible for human decision-making are affected. Here is an example of the action of such magic and the gradation of power. A soft sexual spell will lead to the fact that when meeting with the desired person, the latter will experience sexual attraction to the bewitching one. A strong impact will turn into an obsessive desire that will haunt a person during the day, and especially at night, with a whole set of dreams of very frank content.

The question of the timing of influence should be approached carefully, because a person is not a soulless machine whose behavior can be predicted in advance, and the world is far from a mathematical model. Under favorable conditions, the first visible results appear within a month, or even the first weeks. However, there are cases when the impact comes into full force months later — this is due to the peculiarities of the victim’s subconscious, and external factors, such as too much expectation of the customer or some other (for example, good natural resistance to magic in the enchanted), which are able to postpone the implementation period. The main period averaged is about 4-6 weeks, during this period of time you can observe the first results of the work.

A natural question arises:

Does the factor of communication of the customer with the enchanted have?

Yes, undoubtedly, and moreover — decisive. The more intense the communication, even if it’s just for work, the more often they see each other, the more the magic operation has a chance of success. The key is to be visible regularly. Eye contact is very important and plays a primary role.

What are the consequences of love spells?

Firstly, it should be recognized that any spell is inherently violence. And that’s why all the talk about the possibilities of «sinless» influence is simply ridiculous. This is human programming and nothing else. Even with weak influences, there are consequences for the body, and first of all it is a failure in the human immune system. Chronic diseases worsen and colds appear. Before the program gets into the victim’s consciousness, there is a breakdown of the natural defense of the subtle body, which is directed against foreign influences. Left without a reliable «shell», the body becomes vulnerable to negative signals from the outside. Although, as a rule, with moderate influences, this effect is not critical.

What do we see when zombifying?

The normal course of energy exchange is disrupted, a failure in human energy can lead (and leads) to a number of negative consequences, including, by the way, the already mentioned destruction of immunity. A person’s resistance to diseases is approaching zero, he has enough of the usual flu to go to the hospital. Irreversible consequences are also possible for the human psyche: up to nervous disorders, suicidal moods and outright schizophrenia. Split personality is the order of the day here. The body will resist the «virus» — and this often manifests itself in the inappropriate behavior of the enchanted in the form of attacks of unmotivated aggression, with a transition to its opposite.

If a person realizes that he has been bewitched, then hatred for the «customer» arises, although he still cannot leave himself until the influence is removed.

And here we turn to such an aspect as compatibility.

Is it possible that the spell will turn into a real relationship with the customer?

Will sincerity manifest itself afterwards?

Yes, if people are compatible in terms of energy and psychological makeup. But it is unlikely that this will happen with zombification, such a possibility is permissible only with moderate, not overwhelming will, influence. However, by bewitching a «stranger» person, you have every chance to earn his hatred later, there is no guarantee here. You should always remember that the spell is a program, it can be removed and then everything will disappear. This is the fundamental difference from genuine feelings, not to mention the above-described consequences for your loved one.

There is another subclass of love spells, which, in principle, is not — the mixing of destinies, wedding love spells. How about something like that?

The result does not manifest itself so quickly, in fact, it just brings people closer together. Of course, the communication factor is vital here. It looks like the emergence of mutual interest, common topics for discussion will suddenly open up, the atmosphere of relations itself will become warmer. Negative consequences can hardly be expected here, but the action is implemented slowly, not in one or two months.

Is it possible to protect yourself and your family from the encroachments of third parties?

Yes, it is possible, and above all, by the relationship to each other. It has been known since ancient times that it is extremely difficult to destroy the union of two really loving people. The energy field of lovers creates a stable cocoon, which repels all hostile influences with a certain reliability. Although a strong magician can certainly break through such a natural defense, but it will take much more effort. And here it is already necessary to act by magical means, of which there are not a few, ranging from banal amulets and witchcraft shields on the astral plane to the use of entities (guardian spirits) that will invisibly protect the family from any outside interference. These practices are quite real and have been practiced for centuries by adherents of occultism.

These are the main aspects of love magic, which, of course, are shown here very superficially, but, nevertheless, give at least an approximate idea of the essence of the phenomena described. I hope this article will help everyone interested to understand this problem more clearly.

There remains one last question that the reader may have:

Is the use of love magic justified?

There is no unambiguous answer, as it is impossible to say about the strictly negative role of love spells, because each situation is individual. However, you should always understand that such actions entail a huge responsibility that requires a clear understanding of what you are doing and what the result may be. When a person feels bad and there seems to be nothing worse than the trouble he is facing, you should stop and take a sober look at the state of things at least once. In any case, the choice is yours.