Magic. Why didn’t the ritual work?

In general, my blog is designed for beginners, but not for absolute amateurs. Of all the articles I have published earlier, it would be interesting for me to read just a couple myself. Everything else is self-evident. Now, I don’t want to repeat myself once again and overload the reader with unnecessary information that I published in previous posts. I hope that such simple things as using at least copper coins (nickels) at the mercy of the forces or digging up the earth, and not just snow (if the ceremony is performed in winter) etc. are clear to absolutely everyone. I will not list all these as possible errors, because of which the rite worked poorly or did not work at all. I sincerely assume that this is understandable for every person. Therefore, the general rules of rites or rituals and mistakes in them — I will not list as possible options that reduced your efforts to zero in the end.


Interference. They should include outsiders. They may prevent you from coming unnoticed to the place where you are going to work. To be unwitting witnesses, thereby spoiling the basic essence of the sacrament, which implies secrecy and privacy. As a rule, this kind of interference occurs when the Higher Forces do not want you to get a result in the case that you have conceived. Nevertheless, there were cases when the result came despite various interference. Therefore, this is a separate item. But in any case, such obstacles already call into question the final result. In this case, it is necessary to focus on personal feelings and «signs» that can be immediately after the ceremony, they will prompt the result and help dispel unnecessary hopes or doubts.
The Higher Powers do not want you to achieve the goal. You can understand this in advance by conducting an intelligent diagnosis of the development of the situation. You can use a lot of predictive systems for this. Or consult with the Forces, having learned a direct opinion from them. In the event that the forecast is disappointing, you should not take up this job, at least now and in the way that you have conceived. The result will be negative, time will be wasted. It is worth looking at the situation from a different angle, to consult with someone from sensible acquaintances, and it is better not to interfere in the situation at all and leave everything to chance.
Distrust. The forces you are addressing are personal. Often the work is done on barter, and not on personal strength. Anyone who practices on personal strength and achieves significant results knows this very well and does not need my recommendations. And I do not advise working on personal strength, at least for the first time, there are many nuances there. It is better, simpler, more effective to give something material, if you haven’t paid extra, with problems, rather than with much more significant things — the lives of loved ones, a global collapse, etc. — which happens to those who are used to working on personal strength, without having a clear idea of how to use it correctly, and most importantly — for what purposes and when. The entities with whom the work is going on most of all hate those who do not trust them, do not pay for their assistance and those who actively double-cross, hiding their dark nature. They will do everything to bring such people to ruin.
Gross mistakes. There are technically difficult rituals to perform, where there are several parts and everything must be performed sequentially, sometimes with a certain time interval. The lack of internal discipline and a frivolous attitude, as a rule, lead to the fact that a person forgets to do some minor, but very essential things. This may lead to the fact that the result will not come. It should be understood that I do not mean at all that the offering can come into a rather unusable condition ahead of time — sometimes it is impossible to calculate in any way and usually it does not affect the final result in any way.
The wrong way to intervene. Limited opportunities and means. It is important to evaluate in advance and clearly imagine the prospects for the development of a particular situation. It is possible to learn this over time, with experience. At the initial stage, all kinds of oracles, predictive systems and other things will help, with which it is best to work in order to see the future.
Lack of information. Outwardly it seems that nothing has changed, however, there is a result from the work, it is strong. If work is being done on some area in a person’s life, then you always need to have informants to track the result or be sure that the layouts on maps or other systems show the correct state of things. The result of your work may not be as strong or only gain momentum, so it’s worth looking at the situation properly and from different angles.
Time interval. There are rituals and rituals that are unwound for a very long time and if you did not do it in advance, then you should not rely only on reviews. The same cards can perfectly show the time intervals during which the result will become visible. It is necessary to use them before you have done something in order to understand when to expect the result.
Impatience and chatter. The main principle is that I forgot. It must be followed and always adhered to. You can tell those who are «in the subject » or the one who ordered the work from you. But still, more than a couple of people should not know anything. And if they did it yesterday, and two weeks later they run around and tell everyone in a row that there is no result, then it will never come.
Idiocy. When a person is an idiot, no matter how hard he tries, the result will always be negative or it will not be at all. It is useless to analyze or discuss anything in this case. If your work only significantly worsens the situation or there is no result, despite regular attempts to influence the problem for an extremely long time, proven by many, the simplest methods — I can congratulate you, you are one of the idiots. Don’t despair, everything in the world is relative.