A significant plus of witchcraft is a single tradition. There is no need to have like-minded people with whom endless conversations, all kinds of meetings, exchange of experience will be conducted. Certificates, initiations, ceremonial initiations and other, in my opinion, stupid and useless things are not required. In witchcraft, everything is as simple as possible. And they come to it for several reasons and it is not difficult to list them. Natural — those who were born with this power, usually in the family of such people, no one conjured. Generic — those who received the power of the genus, and sometimes the transfer was direct, usually at the death of a blood relative. Forced — those who began to wield power against their will. The desirous are those who independently found a mentor who introduced them to the tradition and through rituals they received strength. But, as a rule, their sorcery is based on borrowed power, for the most part. The weakest of all these categories are the last two. They do not have either significant knowledge or personal power, being in fact a «feeder» for spirits, which help them to perform all their witchcraft. Such, usually, do not live long and are not distinguished by good health. Those who find themselves in the wrong place and at the wrong time are forced to gain strength. When there is no one to transfer power to, there are no relatives left, or they shy away and avoid meetings, use methods of transferring forces to a random person. People who are sensitive and intuitive by nature begin to have visions- hallucinations, as it seems to them, they begin to hear a voice or voices if they also have objects in which the servants of the deceased sorcerer are imprisoned. It will be easier for such a person to understand what they have found, but it is more difficult not to go crazy than for someone whose life events will develop in such a way that they will have to practice. As a rule, his social circle begins to change dramatically, all his friends and acquaintances disappear somewhere, continuous problems begin in life and attempts to solve them by traditional methods lead to nothing. Gradually, a person begins to acquire new acquaintances and plunge deeper into a new life for himself. If he tries to refuse and does not conjure, his mental aspirations and actions are directed to something else, he begins to have problems. And in order for life to normalize, constant «work» is required in a new direction of «activity» for him. The work should be permanent. As a rule, such a person creates difficulties for colleagues in the workplace, many of whom begin to change regularly, due to the fact that he works for them, creating all sorts of difficulties for them. And it does not work for their benefit because not everyone is good or even succeeds in working in a fruitful way. There are those who have only destructive work going well. There are rarely those who are able to conjure in a wide range and get results, including from practices aimed at creation, for example, enrichment or health improvement, this can also be achieved with the help of witchcraft, but it happens differently than in healing — bioenergetics. The difference lies not only in the fact that everyone has different private areas of witchcraft practice, everyone has different ways of working in places of power. Someone can work well in the cemetery, someone in the forest, and so on. This is due not only to an understanding of the rules of work in places of power, but also to personal relationships with the spirits of certain places and the ability to find an approach to them. A sorcerer or a witch with a purely practical and prosaic approach will never be able to fully work with a cemetery. The spirits of this place require a different attitude to themselves and respect, which must be established in the right way, and not be content with only properly made offerings — gifts. There are many subtleties and nuances. On the Internet, many people like to tell that those who practiced «wrong» witchcraft without proper preparation received cancerous tumors, died and became seriously ill. Just described, fully corresponds to reality, real rituals, strong, effective, real, have flowed into the network. With the help of which it is really possible to summon forces, work with them and get a real result, not at the level of your own fantasies or coincidences. And such forces do not like random people who fantasize, but in fact are just amateurs. They punish them. This pushes random people away from the right practices in the future, letting them understand that they do not need to meddle in this area. Old-fashioned stylization and pseudo-mentors with outright plagiarism are enough to play magic. I have met many people who have tried or actually practiced witchcraft. Those who practiced it differed from those who tried in that they all died, and sometimes in an absolutely literal sense. This is the real initiation that must be passed through. If there is strength, the oncological disease, including, will be completely cured. We have heard about this, so some occult traditions are trying to literally reproduce this rite of death as an initiation, where sometimes they try to bury a person in the ground and bury him, creating a symbolism of rebirth. But they do not understand that in the ancient records, all this is meant literally, not figuratively. If there is no power or the sorcerer is trying to get carried away with everything, actively flirting with different forces, then the result is likely to be negative, the test will not be passed. Sometimes those who have no place in the tradition are sent household tests — housing burns down, job loss and complete loss of livelihood, a series of such events sooner or later will convince a person that it is not his. The powers of the witchcraft pantheon are very jealous. They will interfere in every way with working and developing in other traditions. Through this kind of practice, naturally, there is a transformation and a certain growth, a person changes. One of the practitioners consciously or unconsciously becomes possessed and acquires a significant number of character traits and personality traits of the person he is obsessed with. The rest just change. Acquired qualities help in everyday life. They add practicality and the ability to go through many difficult situations, turning them to their advantage. These are all my observations directly. Witchcraft, in my opinion, is a way of transformation in the earthly and everyday. The path of fulfillment of desires and the acquisition of material goods. Both through the formation of the sorcerer’s personality, and the application of their knowledge in practice. Those for whom prosperity is initially the main thing in life — this path will be one of the closest and optimal. Where by taking the right steps, you can achieve real results without wasting time on endless conversations with all kinds of gurus. Where the main thing is practice, which depends on the person himself, and not on the number of initiations or the strength of the egregore of the spiritual group.