Operating produce

Here answers to the most widespread questions concerning cooperation with me are in detail provided.

How cooperation with you is carried out?

The customer contacts me on the contacts specified on a site. It is more preferable if the customer sends the letter, with photos of all characters of the situation and the inquiry essence, on the specified mailbox will laconically explain: tas-han@mail.ru. Quickly enough I will answer.

In that case when the customer doesn’t want / can’t or doesn’t wish to carry on with me preliminary negotiations for the reasons conducted only to it — it can register directly to me in reception, having called by phone specified on a site. If you didn’t phone, you ring other time.

Whether it is necessary to make certain manipulations (not to go to church, there is no meat, not to wash the head and B’day) for receiving practical result? Whether is cooperation with you collaboration? Whether it is necessary to do something in order that the practical result was reached?

No. The practical result entirely depends on me. Creation of the relations with object of influence if it is a question of a love spell — from you. My business to execute the order, to yield practical result from a love spell, in the degree guaranteed by me (depends on a situation and it is discussed with everyone), the rest doesn’t concern me.

How soon my order will be carried out? How I will understand for what my money is paid? When everything will occur?

Terms of implementation of the order (i.e. executions something) will be called by me separately and depend on type of cooperation, specifics of service, existence or lack of the necessary materials at me.

Your order will be carried out in the term designated by me.

During my activity, at me accumulated much, written down on video, love spells and B’day, also as well as photographic materials of this subject. If necessary the video/photoreport can be made.

The customer can be present at implementation of the order. Near a place of my reception 2 hotels (different classes) and the wood settle down.

The customer will see situation development on himself.

In sections, by the most running orders: the love spell, damage, business magic is very in detail stated situation development.

All details by other orders, and also nuances of separately taken situation make a reservation individually.

Whether it is possible, what in the course of cooperation I should pay extra to you? Whether can be such, what something will go not so?

In that case when the client carried out the order for the full permission of a situation I shouldn’t pay extra to it.

In that case when the client carried out the order for the partial permission of a situation and I received practical result on a question for which addressed and for which paid, for continuation of cooperation it is necessary to pay the subsequent part of work if the full permission of a situation is necessary. It concerns issues which are resolved in some stages. As a rule, it is difficult situations.

«Something not so» can go in case the customer is the regular customer and orders a love spell repeatedly. Object of a love spell adapts under influence of a love spell and the repeated love spell can yield weaker results, than earlier.

If I undertook permission of your problem, I mean is able to resolve it and at least that I can guarantee to you — visible practical result and improvement in a situation on which you addressed to me. Otherwise I will return you money.

What guarantees you provide to the clients?

Lack of negative comments on me on the Internet, written by those people who really addressed to me and money paid.

I don’t pay service of protection and secretaries, I don’t ignore customers.

My activity is actively conducted outside the Internet and wishing can of it will be convinced.