A free love magic spell, who will do it?

Naturally, in this case, you can only help yourself. No one will waste their time, except for schoolchildren who are just learning magic, cheaters who will find an excuse to request money. You can find people like me when I took on a free job — researchers. Only these studies, usually, do not concern your problem at all, but give you the opportunity to try and track the result of almost any magical work in your life. This is very convenient, you will agree.

That is why, so that you do not waste your time in vain, I wrote the first article, which detailed the main points that you need to approach when you plan to interfere in someone else’s life and use a love spell. Yes, in fact, I am giving a very sensible and working instruction, knowing full well that many low-level competitors can use all the information presented here and «muddle the brains» of naive people, posing as knowledgeable. But I absolutely do not care, this area has not been my main source of income for a long time. I continue to accept clients, following the will of the forces that believe that my activities in this field should continue. Those who should appear will apply for work regardless of competitors and other factors.

So, when you have properly studied the main points related to the attitude towards you, the possibility of at least artificially increasing the time and frequency of your meetings, you are convinced that there are no third-party actors in the problem, and predictive systems have «shown the go-ahead» to carry out the work — there comes a need to get down to business directly. To do this, you need to know at least a little theory. In many rites or rituals, absolutely nothing is indicated except the most basic order of conduct. This is done because in the mind of the person who wrote it, there is absolutely no need to pay attention to such insignificant details. In his mind, everyone knows this. Naturally, all this is known to you, however, I will still list the main points, just in case:

The days when love work is carried out are Wednesday or Friday. Unless otherwise stated, which is rare.
The work should be carried out on the night from Wednesday to Thursday or from Friday to Saturday. On this particular night. Not from Tuesday to Wednesday or from Thursday to Friday.
Before the love spell, it is necessary to keep at least a minimum fast for three days. These days it is necessary to exclude meat and sugar, alcohol and tobacco from the diet. This will allow you to avoid you troubles and will strengthen the impact.
Love work is done facing west. Almost always.
Before conducting a love spell, it is necessary to use special «dialects» to summon the spirits you need. You can make them yourself or buy them from someone. At worst, use — common spells that can be found in the public domain. But these should not be Enochian keys and prayers on the contrary.
Before carrying out this work, it is necessary to make an appropriate offering. It is called- «purchase». This is a homage to the spirits of the area where you are going to work. There is no need to skimp on it. And in general, you want to get a strong, stable result — do not be greedy, you do not want the forces to behave the same way towards you. When you buy meat, do not buy pork, it will be a gross mistake.
The classic purchase and repurchase will vary. For cemetery work, if there is a hostess at the cemetery, buy wine, sweets, nickels — copper, silver or gold. If the owner, then cognac or vodka. It will be great to supplement with the freshest possible liver. For the deceased, it is standard to remember, think for yourself what to include in it, not according to the classical standard — much better.
Forest and forest crossroads are coins, vodka, chicken or rooster. Beef meat is possible. His own blood. Pipe tobacco — burn.
If the work goes with neutral spirits, they often make an offering in the form of fruit.
It is important to clean up after yourself, not to leave empty bottles of alcohol and so on.
If the work was done at home, everything left after work refers to the intersection that has become a worker for you. It can be urban or forest — depending on the direction of work and its frequency. For the first time — it is necessary to take a clear intersection of 2 trails to the forest on the seventh in a row.
Don’t worry that you don’t have initiation or at least communion. To perform witchcraft, this is not necessary at all. The development of communication is in the process of practice. The main thing is that the forces accept you. And whether it happens or not depends on you. In the first couple of times everything should work out fine — then there will be tests, you will pass — you will be able to work normally, you will not pass — there will be a significant outflow in the main areas, you can not meddle in this anymore, pay money to magicians, witchcraft is not for you.
While working, you can’t be sorry. There is no doubt. You can’t think. Generally. You need to learn to fall into a state of absence of thoughts and work completely without emotions. It is acceptable to think about the work you are doing. But thoughts can jump to something completely different. If during the spell you think about a completely different person — keep in mind, the work may fall on this person. And you will not get the result in the love spell of the initially specified object.
You need to understand that you have to pay for everything. There will be a rollback. For a strong spell — 100%. Especially if he lies down » bringing together the destinies