Witchcraft and magic » break the will » before a love spell

In a previous article I wrote that the most appropriate is the use of love influence in neutral relations between people,
or where there has been no relationship yet. The most «favorite» are situations where people have just met, but for various reasons have not even started a love relationship yet. They only communicate and for some reason, it will not grow into something more. Here it is very good to demonstrate the possibilities of a love spell and in magic in general, such situations are loved. If there are no outside actors there, and friendship and communication are not built on extracting material or other benefits from one side. There is sympathy. In the problems that are usually addressed, there is often a solid negative, other actors, a lot of lost time and other complicating moments. In this case, before making a spell, it is necessary to «break the will» of a person, because otherwise, he will rest, he will not want to make contact and nothing really will come of it. I have done a lot of love work on different schemes, where the effects are applied in a complex — the result is the best. If there are other actors, they first destroy the relationship between them, ideally, or at least achieve a significant deterioration — quarrels and misunderstandings. After that, they do the scrapping of the will, then imposing a love spell. This allows you to «relax» the object of influence, so that he will reconsider his critical attitude to the customer and convince himself that not everything is lost, fixable, find an explanation for his willingness to get in touch with a person and make a «deal» with his pride. Some love spells can be done before breaking the will, however, there may not be a visible result from them. «Breaking the will» is an important and key aspect of a situation where there are resentments, anger, hatred. By putting the right thoughts into a person through the appropriate rite, the sorcerer makes it possible for witchcraft to work properly.