How to make a magic love spell yourself?

There are circumstances when finding a reliable sorcerer is a big problem, and sometimes there is no way to pay for his services. As a consequence, there is a need to do everything yourself. After all, no one will get into other people’s problems for free or with payment sometime later. Now I will tell you how to do it correctly…

First of all, you need to analyze your problem. By the main components, decomposing them for yourself:

The attitude of the enchanted person to you. If there was no relationship and there is a neutral attitude towards you — this is very good, the result is the beginning of a relationship with you is very likely. If there is sympathy, it is naturally possible to get what you want, as in the first case, with even less effort. But if there is a negative to you — here it is necessary to carry out the scrapping of the will before the love work, otherwise the result may not be stable or the object of influence will not manifest itself at all, and attempts to get in touch with him will behave absolutely inadequately. In situations where relationships have already taken place, it is necessary to prepare the object of influence beforehand, and only then to conjure. Otherwise, you may not get what you want. And then you don’t need to shout at every corner that it doesn’t work, it just works on a different level and according to different rules — than it may seem to a person far from this.
The presence of third parties who will interfere or, on the contrary, help you in business. These may be friends who will advise the object to get together with you as soon as possible, contributing to the work of the spell. It can be a person’s partner or intrusive relatives who can’t stand you. Often, third parties in every way interfere with the implementation of the plan. And it’s hard for me to immediately recall the multi-stage problems that I worked on, where outsiders at least would not interfere. The key here is «multi-stage» — this implies that first you need to make a lapel or a separation in order to push third-party people into the background and they did not interfere with the implementation of what you have planned. If there are no such persons, the situation is greatly simplified and reduced to one stage — the performance of love work as such.
Communication and meetings. Witchcraft torments a person much more when the person who enchanted him or ordered the spell regularly looms under his nose. It is important. Significantly accelerates the result. Therefore, if there is an opportunity, then you need to constantly be in the field of view of the object of work. Also, on the contrary, if there has been no communication for a long time (from six months), people live who need to be connected by magic, far from each other (long distances, different cities), then there may not be any result at all. Or he will, but it will take a very long time to wait for him. The factor of lack of communication ( withdrawal) or, on the contrary, the presence of communication ( habit) plays a very important role and simplifies or, on the contrary, complicates for a person the ability to resist the induced influence. Therefore, it is important to resume or at least maintain rare communication with a person, so that it is easier to track the result and maintain at least a minimal habit in the object.
Social activity of the object. Infantile, passive, hypochondriacal, weak-willed personalities who are immersed in themselves and do not have a wide range of professional responsibilities, and therefore social contacts, are well susceptible to influence. People who have a large number of friends, jobs, are immersed in hobbies and hobbies are less likely to work. With them, it is necessary to apply rigid techniques, ordinary witchcraft in one stage will not give the desired result. They will regularly be distracted from the «right thoughts» in favor of their work, friends, hobbies and it is not clear what else.
A person’s gender, religion, etc. As strange as it may sound, but sometimes it matters. It is more difficult to work with believers, with those whose families are strong (in such genera, as a rule, all are well-off, live for a long time, get sick a little, etc.) or witchcraft. If the subject is seriously engaged in spiritual practices. Here it is necessary to weaken the object before work and approach the matter very seriously. The probability of a rollback is high. It is necessary to analyze before work not only the prospects for the development of relations after exposure, but to make layouts related to the spell itself, where there will be positions that will show you the probability of a rollback in the case of work, the correctness of the chosen impact, how long the action will be and how karmically this work will fall (whether the forces approve or not).
Mantica. Viewing the object, prospects, methods of influence. As I wrote above, it is advisable to look at both the prospects of development and how exactly the spell will manifest itself on a person. In some cases, you can take care and do it on a more expanded scale by connecting several methods of divination. In this case, it is important to choose the appropriate days when to predict, and not those days when prophecies do not come true. Such a calendar should be maintained independently on the basis of personal experience, mostly distorted or inaccurate information on the Internet. Regarding holidays ( days of power ) — no. If there is no exact knowledge of when to do the viewing, it is better to wait for such a day and do it all on it.
Auxiliary moments for work. Such as the presence of the object’s biomaterial (hair, nails, unwashed clothes, blood, semen) or at least the possibility of access to its threshold, to the house itself or at least to the pockets of clothes. This will play a significant role. Also auxiliary will be the presence of witchcraft items. Sometimes such things quite accidentally fall into the hands of people, they will significantly accelerate and strengthen the upcoming result.
To be continued….