Result from love spell

The section of love magic is very extensive. Each situation is individual. The methods of solving the problem are always selected in accordance with the rules that have been developed over the years of practice. In this section I will post the main situations that I have to work with. I will explain in detail the methods of solving these issues. Having carefully read this section, you, a grateful reader, will not bother me with stupid questions. You will be informed in advance and will imagine in reality what kind of result is possible to get in your problem and how realistic it is, as well as the level of complexity of this task as a whole. Below I give examples of the most common situations that people come to me with, along the way giving comments about their complexity and approximate result after working on them.

I broke up with my girlfriend for about 3 weeks, there is communication, but it is friendly. She hasn’t got a new boyfriend yet. She does not want to resume relations with me, her feelings for me have weakened, she wants to continue friendly communication and remain friends.

This situation is solvable. The term of termination of the relationship is 3 weeks — it is short. It is not difficult to give a new impetus to her feelings, given that at the moment she is free. There is communication, which makes it easier to track the result. The complexity of this situation is that she may be lying and is already in a new relationship at the moment. This significantly complicates the work and does it in several stages. It is necessary to diagnose the problem, in case of an indication of a third-party actor — to find out who it is. In this case, the work will involve two stages — to terminate or weaken her new relationship, the subsequent use of love magic in relation to you. The deadline for the entire process may be delayed. In the case when there is no third-party actor, it is possible to solve the problem within 6 weeks. In the case when a girl is in a new relationship, this period increases — up to six months.

I recently met a girl. We communicate, spend time with her. She has a liking for me, she always willingly meets with me and responds quickly when I write her messages. Our relationship does not begin due to a number of factors that do not depend on us.

This situation is solvable. The spell will help to strengthen the feelings of the girl in such a way that this problem will not be of significant importance to her. And she will agree to start a relationship with you. Or after the love spell, these problems will first go into the background, and then completely resolve, stop interfering with you to build a love relationship in the future. It is possible to solve such a problem within 6 weeks.

I’ve known the guy for a long time. We’ve been friends for a long time. He periodically starts relationships with girls, then ends them. Whenever he is free, I hint to him that it’s time to start a relationship with me, however, he does not notice this. Perceives me as a friend. At the moment he is free, but he is again actively looking for a girl. What can be done?

This situation is complicated. At first glance, it may seem simple, but only to an amateur. I have worked on such problems before. It is difficult to achieve a quick and lasting result here. And in some cases, I could not completely solve this problem. The best intermediate result will be intimate intimacy, the initiator for this will be a male friend. It is difficult to say whether it will be possible to make a more or less stable relationship out of this. It is necessary to analyze and understand each specific situation. But in general, the forecast is not the best. I don’t like these situations too much and work on them as well. The term for solving such a problem can vary from two months to six months.

We have been married for a long time. Then my husband or wife found a lover on the side. I need to bring the person back to the family.

This situation will be difficult in any case. Regardless of whether this person already lives outside the family at the moment or spends time with a lover, and then safely returns to the family home. Here, in addition to magical work, serious psychological work with the customer will be required to create favorable conditions within the family, identify the problems that caused the crisis in the relationship, build the right behavior model during the witchcraft work. All this requires high concentration, involving a lot of resources, both on my part and on the part of the customer. The work should always be carried out only in two stages and in no other way. The first stage is working with the lover’s relationship. After the frequency of meetings with a lover is reduced or completely disappears, it’s time to act and make a spell on your husband or wife to you. It is important to have access and the ability to track the development of your partner’s relationship on the side, at least by indirect signs, although usually the signs are quite unambiguous — direct. The term for solving such a problem can be delayed from a couple of months (this is enough time for the result of working on your partner’s third-party relationships to begin to manifest itself) to infinity, because the problem will not be solved at all (the final result will depend on the customer’s ability to hear me and follow my advice). It is possible to completely negate the new relationship with your partner and improve the relationship within the family as a whole, however, everything can return to its original state again and very soon if the customer does not reconsider his attitude towards the partner and behavior in relations with him.

There are still quite a large number of possible situations, however, they will not differ much from those described above. There may be slightly different input data. What should I pay attention to and what are the significant aspects that need to be taken into account?

  • Whether there was a sexual act. It is important. Partners who have an intimate relationship are easier to bring together.
  • How long ago the relationship ended. The longer the period, the stronger the withdrawal. The harder it is to cause a person to have the necessary emotions and cravings for you. It is useless to work on issues where communication has stopped for more than one year and relationships, respectively, as well. In such difficult cases, no one will give guarantees. Therefore, it is necessary to resume or at least maintain existing communication. Having communication makes it easier to track changes in human behavior, monitor the situation and, as a result, the result.
  • Human behavior. His social status. Temperament and personality. The easiest way is to work with unsociable, self-absorbed people, insecure people. They fixate on the love spell as much as possible and immerse themselves in thinking about the customer with all their thoughts. They manifest themselves quickly and do what is required of them. People who have ambitions, leadership abilities — show themselves eccentrically and not always adequately. It is difficult for them to get used to extraneous thoughts that periodically arise in their head. With such people, it is best to use a set of influences, before the spell itself to do — the scrapping of the will. This will allow him to start thinking and acting in the right direction faster. A person with a large number of friends, work, and social contacts in general also resists for a long time and is in no hurry to do what is required of him. It takes time and patience.

It is important not to forget that every person is different. Everyone loves and knows how to do it in different ways. If for someone love is classical, such as we are used to seeing it, then for another person it may just be an attempt to find an interlocutor or listener. The result of the impact consists entirely of a person’s personality, his understanding and perception of love and what he basically understands by love and what he is able to give to his partner in general. This is important to understand and take into account. And clearly try to understand how much the person you have chosen, even in a state of love euphoria, is able to give you love emotions and create an appropriate environment and atmosphere. Sometimes a misunderstanding of this does not fully understand the completeness and possibility of the result of the work carried out. The love of a self-centered selfish narcissist will be appropriate and it is impossible to change his personality and his ability to give. Get what, in principle, such a person is able to » give» and no more.