Tarot cards history and how to guess correctly for a beginner?

It is not known for certain where Tarot cards appeared from. The first mention of decks in the form to which we are accustomed now dates back to the 15th century, the place of appearance is Italy. In my experience, I can say that, most likely, Western Europe has nothing to do with the origin of this predictive system. Italian occultists, especially of the «New Time», actively speculated on the secret knowledge of the civilizations of the Ancient East (especially the Egyptian one), releasing one after another the same type of works on the so-called «Western Magical Tradition», which in fact do not differ from each other in anything. And considering that the «Late Middle Ages», when the first mentions of Tarot appeared, is in fact at the junction with the «New Time», it is worth assuming that the trend towards compilation appeared exactly at the very moment when the first mentions of Tarot cards began to appear. And the progenitor of this system of predictions is most likely Egypt. The ancient Indian and Sumerian civilizations certainly contributed a huge layer to the treasury of «spiritual wisdom», however, their traditional mystery techniques and approach to practice, in my opinion, suggest somewhat different traditional methods of divination. Egyptian civilization due to a number of objective features, the main of which are — a later appearance than the «Land of the Noble Lords», which means — borrowing a number of significant aspects, including from them; — obsession with the aspect of the afterlife, as a consequence — building a life according to strict canons and compliance with the order of prescriptions in almost everything; — striving for development and the use of knowledge, including other civilizations, developing in parallel, in various spheres of life. All this, taken together, suggests that one of the first Tarot card decks appeared there. Too much importance was given to all sorts of innovations, and the Tarot did not go against the rules that existed there.

Next, I will give some practical tips to make predictions on the cards come true even for a beginner:

It is necessary to make layouts, entering a slightly altered state of consciousness, you can call it a light trance.
It is necessary to resort to Tarot cards in matters that are important to you and not bother the cards for every little thing a hundred times a day.
It is necessary to choose the time to perform the layouts in such a way that it is favorable for predictions. The lunar days will help you with this. Over time, personal experience will tell you on which days the cards tell the truth — on which they lie.
It is necessary to do the same alignment on the same issue once. If the answer is not clear, it is necessary to make a clarifying alignment, revealing in more detail the unclear points. It is impossible to ask the same question a hundred times, in the same interpretation, exactly as it is impossible to guess. If you don’t like the answer of the cards, that’s your problem.
You need to choose your first deck of cards based on its symbolism. The best decks for beginners are Waite and Crowley. It’s a classic. Buy one of them, or better both. Sometimes, with prolonged divination, the deck «gets tired» and begins to show «heresy», it is very important at such a moment to take another deck and continue working on the accumulated issues.
It is highly undesirable to ask questions to cards of the monosyllabic type, which imply the form of the answer «yes-no», this is not true. Maps do not give monosyllabic answers, but show the development of events in certain cases, depending on your question. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate a question on the development of events in a meaningful way for you.
You should not make layouts «for fate «, for this there are playing cards that are better sharpened for this. The longer the time interval your question implies, the lower the accuracy of the prediction. In my experience, it is best to guess for the next 3 months. The maximum period is one and a half years. Next — there will be too much inaccuracy in the results of the layouts.
You should not try to distort the interpretation of maps. Replacing them with positive ones, or pulling a few auxiliary cards in the hope that they will be good and mitigate the situation.
It is impossible to build artificial layouts on Tarot cards during a third-party rite or ritual, thus projecting the direction of events. This is also not allowed.
These are the main provisions that should be taken into account by any person who is going to do divination on Tarot cards and wants to do it effectively and see the truthfulness of forecasts.