Astrology natal chart

Those who are superficially familiar with astrology know that there is eastern and Western astrology. They differ significantly from each other, the eastern one is a «look inside», the western one is an «external manifestation». The adaptation of knowledge about the influence of heavenly bodies for the interests and needs of Europeans was, to put it mildly, not very effective. After all, the basis of knowledge for Western astrology was drawn from the East, where, in turn, the main attention is paid to the study of the human essence, as I have already mentioned above. Therefore, it is not surprising that there is a shortage of knowledge. It manifests itself in absolutely everything. The lack of statistical research, any systematization and attempts to somehow compile and process the data lead to the fact that the Western astrology we are familiar with in practice is a little less than absolutely useless. And if for one person the information compiled for the future (not to be confused with horary astrology) will be relatively accurate, then for another it will be outright profanity. All this is most clearly felt and traced when drawing up a natal birth chart. By the way, it is very desirable to make it manually, as it was done before the appearance of various applications in which information is only entered, and the program independently makes the calculation, providing the result, as well as in more advanced — quite extensive interpretations of these very results. The information that can be obtained with such a cursory and superficial analysis is more than enough when astrology is used as an auxiliary discipline. This is done to conduct a complete analysis of the personality and significant nuances — the influence of the planets, which is important when a client applies, for example, on request — business magic. He wants to improve his financial condition, and I look at how strong are the factors that prevent him from contributing to this, as well as how to actually work better in his case, given the strong and weak influences of the stars in his birth chart. In this case, I am not at all interested in their meanings and the specifics of his fate. I am only interested in strong and weak planetary influences. Because when complex work is carried out, it is often influenced through planetary rituals. Dealing with the interpretation of the natal chart is a thankless task. Although I have met interesting astrological schools, or rather their representatives, who owned developments that are not available on the Internet, in books (in many books on astrology they write absolutely the same thing, because general information is very scarce) and dispelled my skepticism. Astrology is real with the proper baggage of knowledge. This means that you need to take the study seriously. To prepare to invest, the main resource will be time. It is difficult to predict what will happen «at the exit». Here, the main factor will be perseverance and the desire to invest your time. With a positive result, you can make good money and not on astrological consultations with forecasting aspects of the life of eternally dissatisfied and worried customers. And on things that are faster, more profitable and less costly in terms of lost time. I will not specifically specify what it is specifically, for quite objective reasons.