To remote costumers

Recently the people living behind line of Moscow and the Moscow Region often address to me. Sometimes, among them there are what questions I am able to resolve.

That remote customers should consider, at the address to me:

1). It is remotely possible to make:

  • love spell
  • damage
  • top
  • success in household affairs

Remotely it is impossible to make:

  • removal of a malefice, damage, etc.
  • talismans
  • protection

Bloody hell

etc. less widespread orders demanding personal presence.

2). Due to the distance it is impossible to create all necessary conditions therefore the practical result will be worse. Difficult orders and high inquiries by practical result — I won’t undertake. Complexity of the order on a love spell as to the most widespread order, it develops from:

  • existence/lack of communication.
  • time from the moment of the relations/communication termination.
  • result demanded by the customer
  • existence/lack of other characters in your question.

3). The price policy for remote customers doesn’t change and remains Moscow. I am sure that in your country the cost of occult services is similar.