For the client

The order of working with me.

I do not provide services to minors.

I do not provide services to people with mental illnesses, who are deeply depressed, in a state of shock, or otherwise unable to control their actions, as well as be responsible for them.

I do not treat diseases.

I do not search for people, objects, money.

I am not engaged in summoning the souls of the dead.

I don’t do same-sex love spells.

I am not engaged in removing negative influences, such as damage, curse, evil eye, the crown of celibacy.

I don’t help you win the lottery, bookmaker betting, casino.

I’m not helping to sell your soul for money.

I don’t help win lawsuits.

I do not help to realize fantastic desires that are far from reality.

No need to write to me out of idle curiosity, in order to entertain yourself. I don’t have time for such nonsense. This time can be spent on solving the problems of those people who really need my help and their problems are of high importance.

I do not respond to requests or refuse help if I do not consider it appropriate or correct. Without explanation.

I do witchcraft seriously, I don’t turn it into a business or a circus. Having studied the age of my English-language and Russian sites, it is easy to understand that I did not come into the world of magic services yesterday and obviously not for one day, as scammers do in order to earn and quickly stop their activities. During this time, I have accumulated a lot of experience related to the provision of services to personal, remote customers, mainly in the context of predictive, love and business magic. I can provide quite effective and very significant assistance. However, each case is different. Only after analyzing your problem, I will be able to name an approximate result that can be achieved in your case, the time interval for the realization of the desire, the nuances that you will have to face in the question.

Before I can understand the situation, you need to determine for yourself whether you want to get a full consultation or just understand whether I will work on your problem in principle. In the first case, it is necessary to send photos of all the actors of the problem to my email, specify the names, the essence of your appeal and questions. Then pay the cost of the consultation. Within three days, I will review your problem and give a detailed answer to your questions. This will allow you to check the level of my professionalism and understand how much I, in principle, fit into your specific situation. Even at the initial stage of counseling, the magician gets involved in the work and can accurately feel and state the main points. Sometimes the consultation is striking in its accuracy. In the event that, for a number of reasons, you do not need a paid consultation, you need to state in detail the essence of your problem, attach photos of all persons acting in your problem to the letter, write their names, indicate the result you need and send a message to me. If I am interested in your situation, I will give you an answer, where I will indicate the conditions of cooperation with me, the result that can be achieved, the time interval for solving the task you have set.