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I provide answers to the most widespread questions in this section within this service, and also information concerning this type of influence in general.

How the damage made by you will quickly work?

Depends on damage and person type on whom it becomes.

Damage on health start proving 5-6 weeks later after implementation, strong results come 8-10 weeks later.

Damage on crash start proving 8-12 weeks later, depending on security of object of damage. It is much simpler to tire out the average person in poverty, than rich.

How the person quickly dies, whether on which mortal damage is induced and any person can be eliminated on means of this influence?

As a rule, the person on whom mortal damage lays down dies within a year, the minimum term of 4-5 months, the maximum 11-12 months, an average and most frequent interval makes half a year.

It is possible to eliminate on means of such damage not any person, some people long and seriously are ill, however, this world don't leave.

Similar orders are strictly individual.

What is required for implementation of strong damage?

The object has to is near the performer.

Hair, nails, nestiranny personal belongings are desirable.

Photos also can be enough, however, the amount of works demanded to performance considerably increases, and together with it and the price.

How there is a payment of this service?

In that case when damage means by itself ordinary punishment of the person (temporary), data on aren't present activity of the competitor (failure, an illness, etc.) service is paid in full at once.

In that case when the customer wishes to receive a lethal outcome, the most part of the sum is paid for approach of desirable result.

What punishment is born by the customer of damage?

In this case punishment is born by the performer.

The majority of the people familiar with terminology, terms, <damnation> and <damage>, based on logical reflections and conjectures which they received from various literature try to divide. As the correct division of these types of influence the practical result serves, and it is various.

Damage which was made many years ago is called as a damnation (often on all sort) and is transferred from blood relatives. To damn the person, it is required to make very strong damage which won't lose over time the force, continuing to make the life of him miserable and will begin to create barriers in life him to children. For this purpose it is necessary to meet all conditions or to know a secret as it is possible to make it with a minimum of tools.

Usual damage mean by itself suppression of the most significant processes in human life (success in affairs, health and private life). Over time it weakens and comes to naught. As damnation can't be called, and can become it if throughout a course of life of the person permanently carries out the functions.

The short description of the most running types of damage I give below: