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Before to address to me attentively read this section.

Services aren't rendered:

- Return of debts

- Same-sex love spells

- Search

- Healing

- Removal of a patrimonial damnation

It isn't necessary to address to me in case you didn't solve for yourselves it is necessary for you this or not. I don't give advice and I don't make the decision for other people. Don't spend personal and others' time in vain, understand itself.

I am ready to consider the remote orders which aren't demanding serious intervention and observance of all conditions of necessary for receiving rather resistant practical result.

Services without an advance payment aren't rendered by me. If you want to pay service of the sorcerer or the witch when the desirable result will be reached - look for the expert who lives with you in one city. On the majority of serious orders payment of a bigger sum of money when the result wished by you will be reached is provided.

Good luck.